Manual and service maintenance operation for your Ford

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To maintain the vehicle in good condition, regular maintenance operation is necessary – this is a fact that does not need proof. Not so long ago, car owners were mainly engaged in car maintenance, but now most people give their car to authorized service centers.

It would seem that this approach is simply ideal, because the car owner does not need to be a car mechanic – he just gives his car to a service where professionals do all the work.

When buying a new car, you must definitely ask how much maintenance it needs and how much it costs. During the warranty period, you will be required to perform all the work prescribed, otherwise you will be deprived of the guarantee. The maintenance cost of a modern car is quite high. That is why, after the warranty period, it is advisable to carry out some maintenance work of the car yourself.

Maintenance operation is not just about changing the oil and several filters. During maintenance operation, mechanics check all components and systems of your car. Timely maintenance operation allows you to notice in time that tear out parts (such as brake pads or brake discs) require replacement. The faults of structures are diagnosed during this procedure. 

Carrying out planned maintenance operation in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations and using original spare parts is the key to the reliable operation of your Ford. It will significantly increase its working lifespan.

Remember that engine oil needs to be changed more often than prescribed by the maintenance schedule if the car is used in difficult conditions, such as:

  • short trips of less than 15 km in winter,
  • long tickover of the engine, for example in traffic jams,
  • towing a freight or camping trailer,
  • frequent trips with a loaded trunk.

The reason for this is increased engine loads. Engine oil wear depends not so much on the mileage of your car as on the duration of the engine. At low and medium speeds, the oil loses its properties of the previously regulated run of 15 thousand km (or 1 year). Therefore, it is important to change the oil not only by mileage, but by its production, taking into account the above operating conditions. If on-board computer the average speed of your car is less than 30 km/h, it is recommended to change the oil 2 times more often than the regulation, i.e. every 7500 km (or 6 months).

If you carry out maintenance operation yourself, it can be divided into two parts. For the first time, you should carefully examine the entire car and draw up a work plan. Then, having purchased all the necessary wear parts (and, if required, spare parts), carry out the work. In addition to saving money, it is also convenient that independent maintenance can be carried out at any time, depending on your way of car life and preferences. For example, brake pads and all the details that are better visible with the wheel removed can be inspected with a seasonal change of tyres.

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