Ford Cortina Lotus Mk1

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If you are one of those loving Corvettes, you have to know that these cars are really popular even today. Though the fame of such cars as the Ford F-150 is not a mystery, the others, such as four-cylinder BMWs, Datsun 510s, and Corvairs can hardly be named legends. Nevertheless, its popularity is very high and the Ford Cortina Lotus Mk1 is not the exception.

The history of this car began in 2961 when Colin Chapman decided to build his own engines for Lotus due to the high cost of Coventry Climax unit.  His joint work with a close friend, Harry Mundy was a Chapman’s chance to design a twin-cam version of the Ford Kent engine. In 1962, Ford released the 116E five bearing 1,499 cc engine at the Nurburgring where Jim Clark as the driver of new Lotus 23.  Relatively soon the engine was used in the production of Lotus Elan with its swift replacement with a larger capacity unit, making Lotus closer to the 1.6-liter capacity class in motorsport.

Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1
© Gaschwald | – Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1

Looking back these days, Ford Cortina Mark I was good-selling basic box transportation for the whole family and British people in general. It was constructed as a family car, having no ability to resist injecting sportiness into as many cars as possible. It was equipped with the outstanding Kent engine, making this model both well-engineered and cheap. After the car been released, it soon became the favorite for rallies.

When Ford Cortina Lotus came into factory development program, it was already equipped with a hi-pro engine, aluminum body panels, unique suspension, and, for sure, a unique interior. By 1966, Ford sold nearly 3000 models of this unique car, making it one of the unforgettable vehicles of that time.

Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1
© Martin Meehan | – Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1
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    In the early 70s I used to own a Mk1 Lotus Cortina reg no FLL795C, I had the car for around 2 years and have some cine camera film now on DVD of the car at that time, if the present owner would like to get in touch I would like to hear from them, the car is at present off the road. My email is

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