Does your technical device vibrate? It can cause bad consequences

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Not only your technical device vibrates at work, it is a feature of almost all such products, but some do it within the norm, and others just jump on the spot. If your device belongs to the second type, and you are concerned about intense vibration and unpleasant sounds that occur during operation, then the problem can be solved by a vibration isolator – rubber metal suspension.

But why does vibration occur and why is it dangerous for the device? Many mechanical devices contain parts with rotational-translational function. That very function creates vibration to some extent due to the imbalance of the moving parts. This vibration leads to deterioration of the devices state. And the noise from the equipment will be so annoying that you want to immediately turn it off.

About half a century AMC MECANOCAUCHO is engaged in the production of fasteners on the device to avoid emergency damage or severe noise.

The modern technology market is full of offers to solve the problem of vibration. Stands and anti-vibration mats are represented by several models made of different materials and with a diverse structure on the market, but they perform the same function. Let us briefly list the main features of different types of anti-vibration devices:

  • Rubber stands are simple additional legs made of ordinary rubber, but they are able to significantly reduce the vibrations of the device. Stands can be made not only of rubber, but also of silicone.
  • Special paws – the same rubber stands, but differ in unusual appearance.
  • Rubber mats-monolithic products that are laid under the entire device.

Experts recommend to install the devices on ordinary rubber stands, which are easy to find in any hardware store. In addition, they absolutely fulfill their functional purpose and justify their cost. However, these three things do not guarantee complete protection against vibration. But you can also buy Vibration Isolator pro at the best price. Firstly, it will ensure longevity of the technology; secondly, it will ensure peace and quiet for you. Such devices perfectly extinguish a variety of vibrations of household appliances, which not only makes its operation more comfortable, but also greatly increases its service life. Due to the effect of shock absorption, which create a stand, the parts inside the machine swing less. When swinging parts of the device come into contact with the body and each other, it eventually leads to damaging to some parts. Accordingly, the lower the vibration, the less likely it is to cause damage.

Some users put a variety of items under the legs of the machine: boards, a stack of newspapers, pieces of plywood or rubber, but these substrates are ineffective, because while vibration, the device gradually pushes out from under all these items. It is better to adjust the legs instead of plywood and newspapers. But nothing compares with rubber metal suspension on the effectiveness.

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