How to maintain car technical condition

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Your car should always be in good technical condition. This means that it should start up stably, the oil should be normal, all technical fluids (antifreeze, brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid) should be present. All headlights, side lights, brake lights, reverse lights should be on. Wipers and a heater must be in working order. Also, the car must be equipped with a standard first aid kit, a tow rope, an emergency stop sign, a pump (you can also use a compressor, but better with a pump), a set of tools. All spare parts must be of high quality and in good condition. You can order great car parts online uk. Don’t believe the stereotypes that you can buy a fake online. The main thing is to find a reliable supplier from whom you will always order parts.

Get a good battery pack. There is no point in saving on it. A high-quality battery will last a long time and will not let you down. Choose the right battery for your car brand. Continuously monitor the battery. If the car starts badly, take the battery home and charge it (buy, of course, a charger). This is not difficult. If you leave your car in the parking lot for several days (3 or more) in winter, you need to remove the battery and bring it home. Otherwise, the car may not start.

Very important components in the operation of the machine are motor and transmission oils. Make it a habit to change oils regularly, on time. This will allow the engine to run reliably. Today there is a very large selection of oils. Tests of certain brands can be viewed in automotive magazines. Always carry a supply of oils with you. It is quite easy to pierce the engine crankcase on various roads, and having a supply of oil, you can then drive to the nearest car service, village or house.

Antifreeze, brake fluid, glass washer fluid should be fine. Antifreeze is poured into the tank to a level between the risks M in and Max. If you fill the antifreeze to the maximum or higher, it may boil or jam the engine. If the level is minimal or lower, it may … jam the engine again. The brake fluid must be filled up to the maximum mark and the level must be constantly checked. It will be useful to inspect the wheel arches before driving. Most often, brake fluid “leaves” through damaged brake hoses. This can be seen by the following signs: in the summer – oily spots, in the winter – yellowish or brownish frost on the brake hoses and suspension parts. It is better to buy a specialized glass washer. Concentrates are sold, the solution of which is poured into the washer tank. It is recommended to fill in a special liquid even in summer – it removes greasy, oil stains well, while ordinary water only smears them.

Make it a rule to inspect your car before driving. It is necessary to check the tires (for damage, punctures), the pressure in the tires, the condition of the glasses (if dirty – wipe), headlights (wipe).

At the beginning of the trip, do not turn on the music – listen to your car (knocks, noises).

If you follow these simple rules constantly, your car will serve you for a long time.

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