How to Get from Vienna Airport More Comfortably

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As elsewhere in Europe, Vienna’s land transport is very well developed. Trains and commuter rails, commercial buses are quite comfortable. There are only two inconveniences: the absence of night trips and waiting time at the platform. It is better to order a Flughafentaxi Wien or book a transfer online. Learn below, why it is so.


The easiest and most comfortable way to get elsewhere from the airport is by taxi. You can call a car in several ways: using a mobile application, by phone, just “catch” Airport Driver near the terminal or order in advance through an online service. The main advantage of the latter option is the fixed cost of a taxi. The amount is calculated immediately at the booking stage and does not change until the end of the trip.

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There is also a particularly important option for parents – a child seat. The probability of finding a car equipped with it at the airport tends to zero, and without one, no driver will agree to take a child. In Austria, the requirements for the safety of passengers, including the smallest ones, are very high. Plus, the company has a diverse fleet of vehicles, so you can order at least a whole minibus for a large group of friends or family. It will be even more profitable than a regular passenger taxi.


Vienna Airport is connected to the city by 3 routes of Vienna Airport Lines. You can get to the city center to Schwedenplatz Square by VAL2 bus in about 20 minutes (at the beginning of 2022, this route is temporarily suspended). The routes run almost around the clock — every half hour.

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Other types of transport

You can also get from the airport elsewhere by train, commuter rail, rented car with a driver, using car- sharing service and even by bicycle. Not so long ago, a bike path with a length of 17 km was laid from the airport to the city. Rental of bikes is available at the Office Park 1 parking lot. Bike rental costs 1 euro per hour. You just need to install the Nextbike app – and off you go.

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