Why You Need a Ceramic Car Coating

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Every day, the body of your car is negatively affected by the environment during daily use and washing. There are several body protection technologies, one of them is nanoceramics. It is based on the coating of the exterior of the car with a thin layer of ceramics. It is worth considering in more detail the ceramic coating of the car, its pros and cons.

Ceramic coating of the car

Ceramic coating for cars is a procedure for applying bodywork and additional parts of a car to the paintwork, except rubber, of a chemical composition, the basis of which is similar to the basis of ceramics. It is designed to protect the body and other parts of the car from the adverse effects of weather, reagents, stones, branches and other physical and chemical effects. You can find various types of this coating from Ceramic Coating Suppliers.

ceramic coating process
Photo by serjan midili on Unsplash

Ceramic coating of the car: pros and cons

Let’s pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of protection by this method.


  • external gloss (the car after processing has a perfect gloss and sparkles like a mirror);
  • prevents the retention of moisture and dirt on the surface – nanoceramics in the composition repels them from the surface. And the super-smoothness of the coating does not allow even dust to linger on the surface;
  • protection of paint from harmful UV rays;
  • mechanical protection;
  • you need to wash less often and spend less money and time washing the car.
red car
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  • price – the amount will include the cost of the chemical composition of ceramics and the hours of work of specialists in its application. It is also necessary to take into account that the price tag varies depending on the class of the car.
  • difficulties of application – the application process or in another way “ceramic polishing” can be carried out either with an applicator or by means of a spray gun.
  • after a certain amount of time, there is a clouding of the coating.

Thus, the ceramic coating will be an excellent layer of protection against mechanical and chemical damage. It will also give your car a luxurious look.

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