Ways to replace broken car windows

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Windows in a car play an important role for the driver during the driving process because without such accessories the air flows will make riding impossible. Windshield and rear window are especially useful as their transparency as well as cleanliness determine the level of convenience for the individual as well as an opportunity to see the road without problems. Usually, a front window is protected from crumbling after breaking, but it is a completely different situation with the rear one.

Except for windshields, other pieces are made of tempered glass and any accidental, the slightest blow will break the structure into thousands of small elements thus making an item absolutely unsuitable for further use. In such situations only replacement can help because it is strictly prohibited and inconvenient to drive the car without windows. The fastest way to install new spare parts of this type is to order help from special companies as Lucky Dog Auto Glass.

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This is not the only available option because such work also can be performed by the car owner, however, there are some stages of the process that can be difficult and time consuming.


For those who want to try to replace a broken window in an own garage, special tools will be required.

Here is a simplified list of them:

  • instruments for glass holding;
  • liquids for degreasing, gluing, as well as a sealer;
  • new windshield or OEM one as third-party manufacturers can offer high quality accessories.

Except that the technology of the repair process should be studied because any mistakes will be able to cause problems such as leaks and even cracks. It is significantly harder to install windscreen in brand new vehicles due to the complicated projection systems which are integrated as safety equipment into the autos. On the other hand professional services will perform such a repair process faster than the car owner and with high probability necessary windows will be available in the mechanic’s warehouse, so the work won’t take too much time.

Auto Mechanic
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It will also be affordable because the renovation itself requires approximately 24 hours for glue hardening and replacement takes several hours in case of professional performance. Additionally, the car owner won’t need to look for original glass. All essential elements for restoration activities will be found by the mechanics. It is convenient and simple.

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