Why do I Need Video Surveillance of Parking Lots?

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The video surveillance system, in addition to the control function, is also a kind of guarantor of public safety. If filming is underway, then people are more likely to feel calmer, especially for their lives, health, property.

Parking areas are places not only for crowds of people, but also for cars. Due to the fact that they are mostly on the street, there are additional nuances that need to be taken into account when choosing recording equipment, for example, such as the influence of weather conditions, humidity, brightness.

car parking
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What should you pay attention to when choosing a parking camera?

In order for the system to properly perform its functions, you need to study the parameters of the Car Parking video camera very carefully. The main ones are:

  • Photosensitivity;
  • Resolution of a valid image;
  • Acceptable viewing angle.

Each of the parameters has many nuances that you need to pay special attention to.

Camera Resolution

The resolution of the camera, also known as the resolution of an acceptable image, is a parameter that affects the quality of recording. Determined by the number of pixels. The higher it is, the clearer the frame will be, but more memory will be spent on the hard disk.

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Photo by Vladislav Glukhotko on Unsplash

Camera sensitivity

It’s photosensitivity. The parameter is measured in lux. It determines at what level of illumination it will be possible to transmit a detailed image. In parking lots with minimal lighting, which is why dark places are formed, it is necessary that the light sensitivity is not less than 0.1 lux.

Viewing angle

The parameter is measured in degrees and affects the size of the area that the video camera can capture. What kind of viewing area is needed will depend on the purposes of video shooting. For example, the average will be an angle of 40-60 degrees, and the large one will be an angle of more than 60 degrees.

Cameras with an average viewing angle are produced in large quantities, since with a larger value, the image quality seriously deteriorates and it becomes impossible to understand what is happening on the video. Long-focus cameras capture a small viewing area and are not used in large open spaces.

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