Why Car Leasing is a Good Idea

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When we think about buying a car, we face a choice: buy a car or lease it. There is a group of people who prefer one option, as well as a large group who have a different opinion about this. We can conclude that leasing is not for everyone, but it’s really a good idea. There are several reasons.


One of the differences between buying a car or leasing it is depreciation. For example, your car costs £25,000, and in the contract that you sign, this cost is also spelled out. After 2 years, the cost of your car has dropped to £16,000. In this case, your rental payment will amount to a difference of £9,000 of depreciation. If you were buying a car, you would have to pay the full cost of £25,000.

rental payment
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Lack of maintenance or repair

If you lease a car, for example, from th.ktls.co.th then you don’t need to think about maintenance or repair costs. And every year the cost of maintenance will only increase if you buy a car. Therefore, leasing a car is a great solution to save money, because you will only need to pay for fuel.

Changing a car every couple of years

Changing a car every couple of years
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Leasing is suitable for you if you have a desire to try several different models and brands of the car. If you are going to buy a car, then you will have to make an effort to sell this car to another to buy a friend. With leasing, everything is much easier – after 2 years, the lease term ends, and you choose another car.

Car leasing has a number of advantages over a loan and buying your own car. Therefore, it is worth thinking about this issue before making a decision.

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