What to choose a regular scooter or an electric scooter?

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When the warm season comes, the last thing we want to do is spend time in a confined space. We want to enjoy good weather every day, even when we get to school or work. It’s time for scooters. While everyone is stuck in traffic on the road or standing in a crowded public transport, with a scooter you can get to your destination faster and with pleasure. This will give you a good mood from the very beginning of the day.

Scooters have recently become very popular among not only teenagers, but also adults, and all because of the trend towards a healthy lifestyle and global interest in the environmental situation. A scooter is much more convenient and environmentally friendly than a car.

There are a large number of scooters on the market for a variety of tastes and colours. But which scooter is better to choose: regular or electric scooter?

Electric scooter

circooter bike focus photo
Image by circooter.co.uk

Electric scooter is for those who want to relax on a trip, because you do not need to do anything. Just got up and drove, all you have to do is steer and slow down. This is especially true if you need to go uphill, or you are driving on an uneven road. Some models of Circooter develop high speed. Therefore, you will be able to overtake city transport that is stuck in traffic on the road. You can also ride on an electric scooter on the sidewalk, if you do not interfere with pedestrians.

But the electric scooter also has disadvantages. One of them is the price. Electric scooter is more expensive than usual, as well as its repair. In addition, it is heavier and not always convenient for transportation due to its size. Also, you need to always remember about charging, because if you don’t charge it, then you will have to go as on a regular scooter.

A regular scooter

person standing on circooter bike
Image by circooter.co.uk

A regular scooter can be chosen because of its lightness and simplicity. It costs less, it can fit into any transport if you get tired of riding a scooter. It is also easier to use.

But its main disadvantage is that without proper physical training, you will quickly get tired and will not travel far. This is also its advantage, if you have a sedentary job and you do not have enough physical activity, then this is a pleasant way to make up for the balance of physical activity during the day.

However, on a regular scooter you will not be able to drive over bumps, you will rather injure yourself. Before you get to your destination. If you take a closer look when choosing an off road electric scooter, then you will be able to travel on it, even to places where the car will not be able to drive because of its size.

Thus, when choosing a scooter, you need to take into account its price, ergonomics and the distance that you need to overcome. You can ride with the breeze on a regular scooter, and on an electric version.

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