What does a Car Warranty Cover UK

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If we talk briefly about the car warranty, then this is the warranty that covers the repair costs in an unforeseen situation, for example, when your car broke down for some reason or some part does not function. New cars that you purchase in the car showroom are usually sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. But if you bought a supported car, then you can buy a car warranty UK.

The manufacturer’s warranty on the car is limited by a number of factors. Firstly, the fixed warranty period is from 1 year to 5 years, sometimes longer. Secondly, the mileage limit, when the mark is reached, the warranty is terminated.


We are used to the fact that modern cars are more reliable than their previous models, but they are also more complex, so we cannot talk about 100% reliability of the car. At some point, anything can go out of order, for this reason, a car warranty is required.

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However, the warranty does not cover all cases, for example, those that fall under the category of “wear and tear”. Brake pads, tires, wipers and clutches wear out over time, so they will not be covered by the warranty, only if they fail no earlier than the deadline. If the part wears out within the first 90 days, then it cannot be classified as wear because it is a malfunction, then it will be covered by the warranty.

If you buy various liquids, then the warranty does not apply to them either.

But the warranty covers all electrical and mechanical parts and their malfunctions. The warranty also applies to parts that have become rusty ahead of time. The terms of such a guarantee depend on the brand of the car manufacturer.

Also keep in mind that if some part goes out of service, it will be replaced rather than repaired.

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