Types of Motorbikes: What to Choose

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An electric bicycle is an environmentally friendly type of transport with an electric drive that helps you pedal. It is chosen for cycling around the city, parks and forests, as well as for traveling in the summer. It’s more pleasant than getting into a stuffy car or bus.

There are several types of Best Electric Bikes Under $400:


It is intended for driving on off-road and hilly terrain. It is equipped with a shock-absorbing equipment with a long stroke of 100 – 120 mm: this allows you to smoothly go over bumps and deep holes and not lose contact with the surface even at high speed when descending. It has wide tires 60 – 70 mm with a characteristic tread and reliable disc brakes. This ensures maneuverability and safety.

electric bike in mountains
Photo by Himiway Bikes on Unsplash


This bicycle is for driving on asphalt roads. It has a more vertical stance, a suspension fork with a short stroke of 25 – 30 mm and tires of medium thickness 40 – 45 cm.


This type is for driving on city and dirt forest roads with a small number of potholes. Combines the features of a mountain and road electric bike. It has straight handlebars that provide a relaxed riding position and thick tires that smooth out road imperfections. Exact specifications vary by model.

black electric bike
Photo by Geo Chierchia on Unsplash

Motor type

A wheel motor is a common design with moving mechanisms in a housing. The engine is located in place of the hub and transmits torque directly to the wheel. Rear-wheel drive is installed on powerful models: it has better traction, which increases cross-country ability. The front one is found on touring bikes where good balance is needed. The wheel motor is compact, high efficiency and reliable.


Here the engine is located on the frame and transmits torque to the wheels. Provides good balancing, but increases the weight of the structure and the load on the axle.

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