Learn to Drive a Car in the UK

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Learning to drive is an exciting, frightening and often confusing activity, but it’s worth it! On the one hand, you will finally get independence and the ability to move independently, but on the other hand, it is quite scary to enter a new world of a huge amount of unfamiliar equipment, technical issues, compliance with road legislation. In order to feel confident driving, it is necessary to go through all the stages of training prescribed by the law. aDriving experts give a number of tips for obtaining a driver’s license in the United Kingdom.

Get your provisional licence

Before you can become a driver’s license holder in the UK, you need to obtain a provisional licence. This temporary document can be obtained at the local post office by prior request through a licensing agency. Then you can sign up for a theory exam and start learning how to drive.

Theoretical test

This examination test is the first step to obtaining a full driver’s license. Tests on the theory of traffic regulations are conducted only for people aged 17 years and older in official examination centers. There are more than 1000 questions, each of which a candidate for a driver can meet, but it is necessary to answer only 50 of them, 43 – correctly. The test is limited to 57 minutes, and the result is issued automatically before you leave the testing center.

driving lesson
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Practical driving

After obtaining a provisional licence and successfully passing the theory, you can start driving training in order to have a full British certificate. Driving lessons in Wellingborough specialists, in accordance with the rules, recommend 45 hours of training with a professional instructor. Usually a beginner who has never been driving takes 30-40 lessons. Many young people try to make do with family members and learn driving from their own relatives, which is not prohibited.

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In reality, everyone is different and learns at their own pace. Your professional driving mentor will undoubtedly advise you on the number of lessons required for significant progress.

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