Insurance for Going Abroad

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Car insurance for traveling abroad is a mandatory measure for those who decide to travel outside their country and do not intend to use public transport.

Green card

More and more tourists are visiting countries in Europe, China, etc. in their own car. This is the most comfortable travel option, allowing you to save time, not to mention air travel, and not depending on bus and train schedules. The document you need to cross the border by car is a Green Card. Car insurance is similar to a home insurance policy. Its task is to provide you with a guarantee of financial support abroad in the event of an accident. If you are driving a very expensive car, you can take out luxury car insurance. This insurance is also valid within your country.

Benefits of luxury insurance at home:

  • You yourself estimate the value of the car, thereby in the event of an accident or theft you will receive a more favorable amount than the amount set by online appraisers.
  • Repair of breakdowns from official dealers, which adds confidence in good work in the end.
  • You can insure absolutely any car with specialist car insurance.
  • A team of specialists will always come to your rescue
inside of luxury car
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Cost of insurance abroad

For car owners packing their bags and making an appointment at the Embassy, it is important to know how much car insurance for traveling abroad will cost them. These are expenses that cannot be avoided. Without a car policy, you simply will not be allowed to cross the border. The good news is that you can calculate the cost of a Green Card in advance and choose the optimal model. To do this, it is important to know what the cost of car insurance for traveling abroad is.

The price of a Green Card for a car depends on:

  • The direction. It matters which countries are included in your plans.
  • Type of vehicle. There are 7 options, ranging from passenger cars to agricultural machinery.
  • The period for which the contract is concluded with the insurance company. Minimum – 15 days, maximum – a year.

Is it possible to buy a policy online.

You will need this document to obtain a Schengen visa. You can buy a policy online or go to the insurer in person to sign a contract. In the first case, the delivery service will provide the exchange of documents at an additional cost.

Documents for obtaining insurance

To obtain foreign car insurance, you must provide the insurer with:

  • registration certificate of the car that will be used to travel abroad;
  • car owner’s identification card;
  • driver’s license.
insurance agent
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Insurance Process

There are a large number of insurers in the country offering insurance and similar products. It is important to choose international companies. These are large organizations with representative offices and foreign partners outside the country. It is advisable to begin registration at the stage of preparation for the trip.

Actions in case of an accident abroad

Participants in an accident, in order to obtain the right to insurance payments, must adhere to a certain algorithm of actions. Remember, you must not leave the scene of the accident. Your task is to call the police and, if necessary, an ambulance. The following is required:

  • obtain an incident notification form from the injured party;
  • give the injured party the second sheet of the policy;
  • obtain from the police a document confirming the fact of a traffic accident;
  • contact your local Green Card office;
  • notify your own insurance company about the incident.

Only after completing all of the above actions can you continue to implement your travel plan.

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