How to Use and Store an Electric Scooter in Winter?

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Many city residents, buying a two-wheeled vehicle with an electric motor, do not even think about whether it is possible to use an electric scooter in winter. And only with the onset of cold weather, most of them are looking for at least some information in the hope of getting an answer to their question.

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Of course, in the user’s instructions, manufacturers indicate the maximum air temperature at which the device can be operated, but a more detailed study of this topic certainly will not be superfluous.

There are some tips on how to properly use and store a fashionable device in the winter season, so that negative temperatures do not adversely affect its serviceability and service life.

Rules of operation of electric transport in the cold season

Just like a person, electric transport needs reliable protection from rain, snow, wind and frost, because it should be remembered that we are dealing with a battery power source, which is very capricious and requires special treatment.

Going for a walk on such a scooter from iScooter, worry in advance about additional means of protection from the weather, protecting the battery, display and open connectors from the effects of aggressive environment.

Modern manufacturers allow the use of an ix6 off road electric scooter or bicycle up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, but do not forget that in the cold the battery life decreases, and in this mode, you will be able to travel half the distance than at plus temperatures.

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Among other things, at low values, the risk of rapid battery wear increases, and in order to prevent undesirable consequences, it is better to immediately be safe and insulate it with a special kit. But even if the battery can withstand a severe frost, the cold can be disastrous for electronics, so it’s better not to take risks and adhere to the operating rules prescribed in the user manual.

Another enemy of iscooter i9max electric scooter in winter is reagents, which are abundantly sprinkled on city roads. Therefore, remove such contamination from your device every 20-30 minutes, otherwise the structure may undergo corrosion processes. Remember that the ingress of moisture and snow into individual components and mechanisms of the electric scooter can provoke a short circuit in the circuit, which will be considered by the service centre as a violation of the rules of operation and, accordingly, the user is highly likely to be denied warranty repairs.

Separately, it should be mentioned about the safety of the rider himself, because a slippery road covered with an icy crust, however, like a snowdrift, can cause injury. If you do not intend to give up walking on a scooter on a frosty street, be sure to spike the wheels, which is absolutely easy.

In no case do not move at high speeds, because if a vehicle hits a slippery section of road, there is a high probability of losing control over its management, which can cause the consequences to be the most deplorable.

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