How to remove motorcycle sticker

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The presence of stickers on the body of a motorcycle is a matter of personal choice. Someone considers stickers to be beautiful and youthful, sometimes it is a way to hide scratches or simply mark an event – a motorcycle race, participation in an event or leaving a club sign. There are also ardent opponents of stickers who consider this approach frivolous.

But over time, stickers can wear or fade, deteriorate. How to remove them? You can read some information on


Pay attention to the nuance: in the cold, vinyl will be more rigid and less pliable. In order for the vinyl stickers to move away from the case faster, the material should be warmed up. To do this, the easiest way is to use two methods: warm with a hairdryer or spill with boiling water. Then you can try to remove the sticker.

motorcycle sticker
Photo by Alan Aerts on Unsplash

It is even more effective to treat the surface of the case and the sticker itself with boiling water. The water will wash away the grains of dirt, wetting the vinyl and warming it up faster than a hair dryer.


When the sticker has long been ingrained into the case, you can use WD-40 grease. It is enough to spray the lubricant on the sticker and let it dry, after that you can continue wiping with a wet cloth with car shampoo.

Take soft fabrics such as microfiber, so as not to leave small scratches on the varnish.

WD-40 Rider no. 31 on a bend at Silverstone
Photo by Garry Neesam on Unsplash

Instead of WD-40, you can try washing with glass cleaners. Wet stickers will be easier to remove. Even if it breaks and remains in pieces, generously water with a cleaner and repeat again and again.

After removing the sticker, the adhesive residue must be removed from the surface with gasoline, degreasing or alcohol solution.

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