How to Put Sticker on Motorcycle

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You can see a wide variety of stickers on motorcycles that give them a truly unimaginable look, but in addition to the look, the stickers have another purpose.

Why to put them

Why to put them
Photo by MK +2 on Unsplash

BIKE-label on a motorcycle (as well as on any other two-wheeled vehicle) is worth it for several reasons:

  • To protect metal and plastic elements from external damage and loss of color saturation.
  • To hide defects of various sizes and textures on any part of the motorcycle.
  • To create an attractive or impressive appearance.

As an additional guide (if the stickers are made of reflective materials, the motorcyclist will be better seen on the road).

Clean the surface

Putting stickers on a motorcycle is the same as putting them on a scooter, ATV or snowmobile. The main and primary task is to prepare the surface for gluing. The surface must be perfectly cleaned and degreased. Alcohol, vodka, glass cleaner are ideal for a gluer for this purpose. Cologne and other perfumes are not suitable due to the presence of oils.

Place for a sticker

Place for a sticker
Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

The second most important task is a clear representation of the future image in the very place that you previously prepared. You can stick the sticker relying on accuracy. But if doubts prevail, then it is better to measure and mark the key points on which the sticker will fall. This can be done with pieces of masking tape, placing them around the perimeter of the intended sticker. You can also put breakpoints with a permanent marker, but it’s better to do it in such a way that the sticker will cover them. Marking is required if you are gluing stickers that should lie symmetrically, for example, on a tank.

When you have cleaned the surface and marked the place for the sticker, you can glue it, be sure to smooth the edges so that there are no wrinkles.

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