How to Make Your Car Look Better

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Every car has chrome parts. And over time, they lose their former shine and look old. And buying new parts can be very expensive. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to an alternative solution – dechrome car, so that you can easily achieve the desired shine of the metal in a matter of time.

Why do you need antichrome?

First of all, antichrome is used to make your car stand out in traffic. Often this technology is paired with body matting. As a rule, such car parts as bumpers, exhaust pipes, emblems, moldings, radiator grilles and much more are sealed. Some salons even offer to experiment and cover these parts with colored film. The most important thing here is to stick to the golden mean so that the car looks harmonious.
mercedes detailing
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Why is detailing needed?

It is not enough to dechrome car to make it look good. You need to think about some things that spoil your vehicle and  decide how to get rid of them.
Dirt, sand and stones leave many small scratches on the varnish. Car washes only make matters worse: the shampoo may be too concentrated, and the washer may scrub the car too hard with a dirty rag. After three or four years of normal use, the car looks old and is not pleasing to the eye.
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Car detailing allows you to eliminate traces of use and bring the appearance and interior of the car closer to ideal. So, if you apply protective coatings for the body and interior, the new car will get less dirty. Many people do this periodically, for example once a year, as a result of which the car looks like new for a long time. You can do detailing before selling: a beautiful and well-maintained car will be bought much faster.

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