How to Fix Motorcycle Not Starting

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Probably one of the most unpleasant things for the motorcyclist is to experience problems with the bike, especially if it is about some serious issues that have a direct impact on the combustion process. There are actually many reasons that can cause problems however it is possible to emphasise a couple of ones which should certainly be checked before calling professional mechanics.


Why is My Motorcycle Not Starting
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First of all is the level of fuel in a tank. Yes, people in the modern world are very busy, and it is not difficult to miss the moment when the fuel runs out. After the check is performed it is necessary to understand whether the ignition system is working properly or not. Air leaks can also occur, and all tubes must be tested for tightness of fixation to the carburetor. Dirty or wet air filter will easily make the engine broken, so it is vital to clean and replace it timely even without obvious reasons.

Spark plugs do not have a too long service period, so motorcyclists need to make sure that spark generating elements are clean and functioning. If not, a motorcycle won’t start. Clutch switches can block the engine from the start, and it is better to check its condition before using the bike. Wiring issues are difficult to detect without experience but at least it is worth to check each visible element for damage.

All other faults require professional attention as they can be related to:

  • engine;
  • exhaust system;
  • electronic components.
motorcycle helmet size
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It is almost impossible to service the bike on the road and good maintenance by qualified experts is always something that isn’t excessive. But regardless of the type of the motorcycle and current individual’s experience it is essential to use safety equipment such as motorcycle helmet size of which must always be relevant to the personal characteristics.

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