How does Cold Air Intake Increase Horsepower

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Modern compact trucks are powerful, dynamic, controllable, and beautiful, however sometimes it is not enough power or the sounds of engines aren’t as good as desired. In such a situation one of the easiest and the most affordable ways to change this is to install the best cold air intake for 6.7 powerstroke. Yes such an approach is effective, simple to realise, and can significantly improve the car without serious technical modernisation.

CTS Turbo CAI intake - MK6 GTI
Photo by Rahul Bhogal on Unsplash


Each auto needs fresh air in order to burn fuel and this process is possible only if fresh air is quickly supplied into the combustion chambers. The higher the quality of the air the more efficient work of the engine. The quality of the air is evaluated by its:

  • temperature;
  • density;
  • concentration of oxygen.

Standard equipment designed for filtration and delivery isn’t so effective, and there is always a potential for small improvement by using cold intake. This will help to increase the power of the vehicle by 3-10 HP and that is more important, such upgrades make the sound of work of the engine more sporty.

The process of functioning of cold air intake for 6.7 powerstroke is based on the supply of the largest amount of oxygen in the comparison to the classic filter. Due to a construction of the cold system its ability to suck in fresh air is greater, so the motor has more chemical elements for burning. The torque will also be increased by 5-10%.

white ford truck
Photo by Joshua van der Schyff on Unsplash

Such an upgrade can also decrease consumption of fuel, however it is not always true. The effect will be more obvious if the engine itself has a relatively big displacement. Anyone who loves the good sound of the car and wants to make own vehicle a little tuned, definitely needs to install cold air intake.

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