How do Car Trackers Work

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The car trackers are system that work through a satellite signal required to recognize the location of the car on the map. It determines the localization down to the exact coordinates, so it is easy to identify the user in any zone where the satellite signal passes. It is important to choose a high-quality device that will work constantly, transmitting accurate coordinates, then the motorist will be calm for tracking his vehicles.


The following features of the device are interesting:

  • the location of the car can be found by transmitting a signal to an electronic device;
  • location information is transmitted via satellite;
  • the beacon is available for installation on any type of vehicle;
  • before use, the system must be turned on to start signal propagation.

To understand the essence of the equipment, you need to understand its structure. It consists of 4 departments:

  • Receiver. Its operation is carried out through the GPS satellite system. A signal is received from it, so the device is able to recognize the exact coordinates;
  • The transmitter. This part transmits information about the incoming signal to the user of the car;
  • Battery. This section ensures the autonomous operation of the tracker, even if the car is not started at this moment, it is in the parking lot.
  • Antenna. It is located in the inner or outer part of the tracker. Designed to enhance signal transmission.
Real-Time GPS Tracking
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The principle of operation consists in sequential actions that occur after the tracker is connected:

  • Sending a signal to a GPS satellite that transmits a response pulse;
  • Decryption of the received data in the coordinate system;
  • Transmission of a signal to the electronic device of the user, who can judge the location of vehicles based on this data.

The main purpose of the GPS vehicle tracker is to identify the exact location of the car. But there are also auxiliary functions, thanks to which the car device becomes optimal.

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