How Car Rentals Work

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There are always many questions while renting a car. Answers come with experience.


There are many aggregators or sites that help you find the cheapest offer in any country, for example, Auto Prudente.

In the worst case, you will get a car with 2 years of running time in a global company. In local companies you may come across an old car with damage: cracked glass or a crumpled wing.

It is important to carefully look at whether the daily mileage is not limited. Local companies often have 200 km per day; the rest is for an additional fee. It is almost always unlimited in large car rentals.

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It is better to take the cheapest option. Still, if the car rental company does not have the vehicle that you ordered, you are entitled to a Free Upgrade and you will get a car of a higher class.

The absolute majority of rental cars in Europe are with a manual transmission. If you prefer to drive cars with two pedals, you need to specify this. Still, it is not the cheapest option.


Almost always you get a car with a full tank. You need to hand over the car with a full tank. If you have not refuelled it, you will be charged for a full tank.

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If you pay the rent in advance, you save10-20%. It will be difficult to get the money back in case of cancellation. You will be charged the cost of the first day of rent. If you cancel the rent in advance, you will be able to return the whole sum.


If you have just arrived in another country, take a car at the airport. Inspect the car for scratches, mats or spare parts. Be sure to specify the exact time when you will be able to hand over the car, take a reserve of 1 hour.

Have a nice trip!

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