Great Facts Of Electric Automotive History

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The first electric car was invented in 1841, even before the creation of the internal combustion engine, and was a conventional trolley equipped with an electric motor.


At the end of the XIX century, electric vehicles showed the prospects for the development of this type of transport. The electric car model La Jamais Contente developed by Belgian Camille Genatzi, became the first vehicle with a speed of 105.8 km/ h. Soon another car powered by electricity broke the record. Its designer was Walter Baker: 130km / hour.


There was strong competition between an electric car and a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine at the beginning of the XXth century. The main disadvantage of the electric car was the regular charging of the battery.

Electric vehicle history continued in the second half of the XX century. In the 60s, humanity faced environmental problems created by combustion engine vehicles. People had to turn to e-cars again.

vintage black car on green grass
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In the 70s, energy crises began, provoking a sharp increase in the cost of fuel. The electric car strengthened its position. However, at the beginning of the next decade, interest in it began to decline again.

In the 90s, some companies, including Honda, Ford, Toyota and General Motors, engaged in the development of electric vehicles and hybrids. Thus, quite high-quality samples of transport appeared in the market.

Present time

Currently, the relevance of the electric car is not decreasing. Electric vehicles have various types of energy sources to power electric motors. There is even a possible energy source, like a super capacitor. A feature of this type of energy source is its large capacity and short charge time.

Electric vehicles have great potential, and with proper development and improvement, they can surpass cars powered by an internal combustion engine.

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