Ford Cortina Vs Go-Kart which Is Faster?

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Whose speed is faster: Ford Cortina or PKS Go-Karts? What’s the best car to drive to get a dose of adrenaline? Closed car or open kart?

A few words about Ford Cortina

The model range of the European branch of Ford has always been distinguished by its enviable diversity, offering cars for every taste and budget. However, until the 1960s, these cars were, frankly speaking, boring in appearance. Things began to change with the appointment of Walter Hayes as head of the public relations division. He decided to revive the lineup and launched an extensive sports program for the company. One of the first fruits of this plan was the Ford Lotus Cortina, which appeared in 1963.

go kart race
Photo by Mark Gambles on Unsplash

As a result of all further modifications, the maximum speed of the Ford Lotus Cortina reached 171 km/h, and acceleration to 100 km/h took 9.5 seconds.

Now the Ford Cortina has a maximum speed on the speedometer ranging from 137 to 169 km/h. The maximum speed on the speedometer is the modification Ford Cortina 1970 – 1976, Sedan, 2.0 MT with a value of 169 km/h.

Want more speed? Try go-kart

But if you want to feel more speed, then you should go for a ride on go-karts, because their speed is even higher! Go-karts are a terribly interesting thing for those who are interested in cars and fast driving. Go to if you want to know more. Judge for yourself, the weight of such a kart is only 312 kilograms, and the engine power is 150 horsepower!

two drivers on go karts
Photo by David Armstrong on Unsplash

This is one horse per 2 kilograms of weight! If we compare this cross-kart with a regular car, its dynamics are equivalent to those of sports cars with an engine power of 700 horsepower. As a result, this makes it possible to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds! It’s very fast.

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