Car recycling

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Nowadays, most often old cars are either repaired and sold to other owners, or disassembled for spare parts, they continue to serve the owners of other cars, thereby extending the life of the same old ruins.

Auto-recycling program

But a lot of people just throw away their old cars like useless garbage that rusts in yards over the years without doing any good. But, if you think about it, a car is a big piece of useful and necessary materials: plastic, cardboard, textiles, various metals, glass, rubber.

All regions faced the problem of car recycling, but most of all, of course, capitals. Now, the authorities of the capitals have launched a working auto-recycling program in the countries.

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In developed countries, car recycling is a serious business that employs tens of thousands of people. The US and Japan are the best in it. 95% of old cars are recycled in the US every year at a car scrap yard. According to this indicator, cars are ahead of newspapers (74% are recycled), aluminum cans (51%), glass bottles (22%) and consumer electronics (10%).

The scheme of modern auto-recycling includes the following stages:

  • draining fuel and lubricants on mobile units;
  • dismantling of vehicles with preliminary sorting by types of materials;
  • grinding on shredder installations unsuitable for use car parts;
  • cleaning from dust and dirt, sorting and separating non-metallic parts;
  • briquetting of secondary materials.
Image by Tom Fisk from Pexels


Admittedly, the situation with the collection, sorting and recycling of automotive plastics has improved significantly in recent years due to the laws requiring automakers to label plastic parts on their cars. The scope of recycled plastic is constantly expanding. Since today plastic is the most problematic and difficult, from the point of view of collection and sorting, waste stream generated during the processing of cars, large investments are being made in industrialized countries in scientific research in the field of creating modern technologies for its processing and use.

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